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The origins

The origins

The idea comes to life around 2009. Thanks to the meeting between the world of Special Olympics and a group of willing guys, which had helped the craft beer movement grow in Parma. Just as the Olympics Specials highlight the ability of the extraordinary special young people in the world of sports, soit was thought that it was possible to do so in the world of work. Remo Pattini, one of the pioneers of the Special Olympics world in Parma, he taught us how there are people who can transport bricks of a quintal, and others who have the ability to move only one kg : Both have the right to contribute to the construction of the society.

This was the starting point for us.

In 2014, our passion and tenacity allowed us to build the Social Cooperative and start the production of beer based on our recipes at friendly breweries.

We decided to build, as a type B social cooperative, a form that best reflects our mission: The inclusion, in the world of work, of personnel with physical or mental disabilities.
In the world of cooperatives, there are no owners and employees but cooperators who, embracing the same mission, work for common good. In the world of cooperatives, there are no owners and employees but cooperators who, embracing the same mission, work for common good.

Participation in fairs and markets has allowed the creation and development of a collaborative social network fundamental for the start of our project.
Thanks to the cooperative La Bula of Parma, we come in touch with two special guys who followed us throughout our journey , helping us to tap beer and more. In front of a glass served artfully by Andrea and Anselmo, many friendships were born that, spontaneously, formed the network that supported our project.
We were no longer alone, and many of us know it, you can acheive anything: Just see it.

This is how it was born, based on the agri-food tradition of Parma and its cooperative nature, and with the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation -who wanted to reward us- the actual project: The construction and management of the ARTICIOC social brewery.

Our Brand

Our Brand

ARTICIOC, in Parmesan dialect, it means artichoke. For us, the artichoke represents the land , the pleasant flavors, the simple and real table. Just as the leaves and thorns allow the heart, the noblest part of the artichoke, to grow protected, so the cooperative protects and guides the young people in the world of work.
Our logo represents this ideal at its best, also inspired by one of the fundamental ingredients of beer: hops.
With the graphic cards, we immediately wanted to convey what is our beer culture: Something to drink willingly, able to create convival and social enviroments. It is therefore necessary to think and produce good beers for everyone, which amaze for aromas and quality
organoleptic but not tired at the first sip.
The cards and the typical sociability of the bar and the tavern fully embrace what our beers are.

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Opening to the public soon




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